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Reviews and professional advice and customer feedback about life, health, travel and employee benefit insurance from industry experts and customers across Asia. We help expat and local consumers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia compare the best health, life, travel and employee benefit insurance.

We work with the best insurance providers, brokers and advisors across Asia.

Helping you find the best insurance in Asia

We can help you find the right kind of insurance for you and your family and business. Our goal is to have a website that helps people find the best, affordable insurance in Asia.

Helping you find the insurance policy that is right for you and your insurance needs in Asia.


Our Mission

We use a propriety method looking at insurance and broker reviews online and speaking with insurance industry insiders to be able to review and compare insurance providers, brokers and independent advisors operating in Asia. 

Our mission is to provide reliable and accurate advice to help consumers find the best insurance products and providers in Asia. 

Our Vision

To recommend and introduce you to the best insurance products and professional insurance brokers across Asia.

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Get started today and let us introduce you to an insurance professional who can help you find the right product for you. At insurance Reviews Asia we only work with the best, professional and independent insurance agents and brokers across Asia.

What We Offer

We work with review data on hundreds of insurance products and insurance professionals across Asia to provide you with accurate insider information on the best insurance product for your needs in Asia. Let us take the hard work outof finding an insurance professional to help you.

Health, Medical, Life, employee & traverl Insurance

Making sure you have the right kind of insurance is critical to taking the risk and uncertainty out of your life, your company and your families future. 

Premium Customer Service

A key factor in our recommendations and reviews is the customer experience of the insurance product users across Asia. We use propriety technology to scan the internet, social media forums, expat blogs and much more as well as taking to industry insiders such as hospitals and clinics to only recommend insurance products and insurance brokers and agents who deliver the best customer experience. 

Professional Advice

One of the most important things about insurance is getting professional advice. Insurance policies can be confusing and understanding the differences in products and providers and what to expect in terms of customer service, ease of administration policies and costs over time is critical to finding the right types of insurance covereage for your needs. 

Fraud Detection & Warnings

Not all insurance companies, products and industry professionals and made equal and in some cases regulations and regulation enforcement is very weak. A big reason for starting our website was to help consumers make the right choice and avoid purchasing products or working with the wrong broker or agents. Insurance is a critical investment and we are here to make sure you make the right choice and only work with the most trustworthy insurance professionals.

Online Policy Management

Some insurance companies and brokers still operate in the 1950’s mentality and have not adapted to leverage the latest technology which can make insurance applications and claims so much more efficient and easier for customers. Our recommendations only work with innovative companies who use technology to deliver a high level of customer ease and satisfaction.

Best Value & Best Quality

The cheapest is very rarely the best and we focus our reviews and recommendations on the best value and best quality and customer experience. 

Put You & Your Family in Good Hands