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Based on the information gathered from various ACS Health Insurance Reviews reviews and sources online, ACS Expatriate Health Insurance seems to offer a range of insurance products catering to different needs, such as travel insurance for expatriates, long-term travelers, backpackers, students, and diplomats. Here’s an overview based on the available reviews:

Positive Aspects

1. Affordable Prices: ACS Insurance is known for its competitive pricing, especially for long-term travel and backpacker insurance.
2. Range of Products: They offer a variety of insurance plans, including specific ones for expatriates and travelers in Asia.
3. Global Coverage: Their plans, like the Globe Partner plan, offer worldwide coverage excluding the insured’s home country.
4. Ease of Application: The process for applying and getting quotes is straightforward and user-friendly on their website.
5. Collaboration with Renowned Partners: ACS works with recognized partners like Allianz and AXA, which adds credibility to their services​​.

Negative Aspects

1. Limited Medical Coverage: Some plans have relatively low medical expense limits, which might not be sufficient for high-cost destinations like the USA or Canada.
2. Claim Process Inconveniences: Claims often need to be submitted by mail with original documents, which can be cumbersome. There are also reports of slow claims payouts and response times​​​​.
3. Pre-Payment of Premiums: The entire premium must be paid upfront, and there are no refunds for early return from the trip​​.
4. Age and Coverage Limitations: Some plans have age restrictions and may not cover certain activities or pre-existing conditions​​.
Overall Score

Taking into consideration both the positive and negative aspects, I would rate ACS Expatriate Insurance a 68 out of 100. While they offer affordable and diverse insurance options with global coverage, the limitations in medical coverage, cumbersome claim process, and other restrictions might not make it the best choice for every traveler or expatriate.


ACS Expatriate Health Insurance is a viable option for those looking for affordable travel insurance, particularly for long-term travel and backpacking. Their plans, like the Globe Partner and Health in Asia, cater to a variety of needs and offer global coverage. However, potential clients should be aware of the limitations in medical coverage, the claim submission process, and pre-payment policies. It’s advisable for travelers to carefully review the terms and choose a plan that best suits their specific needs and destinations.

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