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April Health and Medical Insurance online reviews and internent sentiment in Asia, as reviewed by consumers, offers a generally positive experience with several commendable features:

Positive Aspects

Diverse Coverage Options: April Insurance provides a broad range of plans suitable for expats, permanent residents, and nationals across Asian countries, showing its adaptability to diverse customer needs.
Customizable Coverage: The flexibility to choose coverage areas, including worldwide options, is a significant benefit, allowing policyholders to tailor their insurance to their specific requirements and budget.
Award-Winning Claim Technology: The Easy Claim app, recognized for its innovation, greatly simplifies the medical claims process and enhances the overall user experience.
Convenient Direct Payment and Billing: The direct payment of hospital charges and a comprehensive direct billing network across Asia significantly ease the process for policyholders, adding to the convenience of the services.
Comprehensive Assistance Services: The provision of 24/7 assistance and telehealth services is a major advantage, offering policyholders peace of mind and support whenever needed.


1. Responsive Claim Process: While there have been some challenges reported in the claims process, April Insurance demonstrates a commitment to continually improving its systems and responsiveness.
2. Dedicated Customer Service: Instances of customer service concerns are being actively addressed, with a focus on enhancing policyholder satisfaction and support.
3. Flexibility in Policy Management: April Insurance shows a willingness to adapt and respond to unique situations, such as the pandemic, indicating a customer-centric approach in policy management.
4. Clarity in Policy Terms: The company is making strides in ensuring that policy terms are clear and transparent, reducing disputes and enhancing customer understanding.

Overall Score

Considering these aspects and the company’s efforts in addressing challenges, I would rate April Insurance in Asia an 81 out of 100. The company excels in offering a range of customizable insurance options, innovative claim technology, and comprehensive support services. Efforts to improve the claims process and customer service further enhance its standing as a reliable insurance provider.


April Health Insurance in Asia stands out for its diverse and flexible insurance options, user-friendly claim technology, and robust customer support. Its commitment to improving the claims process and customer service response is commendable. The company’s adaptability in policy management and efforts to ensure clarity in policy terms underscore its dedication to customer satisfaction. Prospective customers can consider April Insurance as a reliable option, keeping in mind the company’s ongoing improvements and customer-focused approach.


Get Quotes from April Insurance