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Cigna health insurance, a prominent provider globally, has a mixed reputation among users, especially for expats in Thailand, Vietnam, and other parts of Asia. Reviews from various sources highlight both strengths and weaknesses.

Pros: Cigna is recognized for its financial stability and high financial strength ratings. They offer a vast network of quality providers and facilities worldwide, which is crucial for expats. The availability of 24/7 customer service and the ease of managing insurance details through their online platform and app are highly appreciated. These features, along with telehealth services, provide significant convenience for expats in Asia.

Cons: Despite these strengths, there are notable concerns. Many customers have reported issues with claim denials and difficulties in customer service interactions. Complaints about claims being denied or requiring multiple appeals are common. This can be particularly challenging for expats who might not have easy access to alternative healthcare options.

Pricing: In terms of cost, Cigna’s rates vary by location and plan type. While they offer competitive rates in some regions, in others, they are higher than local competitors. This variation can influence the perceived value of their plans for expats.

Given this analysis, Cigna health insurance for expats in Thailand, Vietnam, and the rest of Asia scores 72 out of 100. While they offer strong infrastructure and global reach, issues with customer service and claims handling weigh down their overall rating. For expats, the choice of Cigna should be balanced against these factors and the specific needs and circumstances of the individual.


Get Quotes from Cigna