Based on online internet sentiment, customer reviews and complaints, Devere Group has received mixed feedback from its clients across Asia including Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore and Cambodia. There are several complaint websites dedicated to the company so consumers should condust a lot of due diligence before susing this service. Some clients however have praised the company for its knowledgeable and helpful financial advisors, as well as its online platform which provides access to a range of investment tools and resources. However, other clients have reported negative experiences with Devere Group, including high-pressure sales tactics, hidden fees, and poor communication.

Some clients have reported feeling misled or pressured into making investments that were not in their best interests, while others have experienced delays or difficulties in withdrawing funds from their accounts. Despite these criticisms, many clients have reported positive experiences with Devere Group, particularly in terms of the quality of its financial advice and the range of investment options available.

Overall, it appears that Devere Group is a reputable and well-established financial advisory firm, but potential clients should carefully evaluate their options and consider any past complaints or issues before making a decision to work with the company.