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Pacific Cross Insurance Company’s health insurance products have elicited a range of feedback from customers, particularly negative reviews regarding individual premium loading, which can be high if you make a claim, and bad experiences with clinics and hospitals for direct billing and claim payments.

Pacific Cross Insurance Company (PCIC) operates as Pacific Cross Vietnam, Pacific Cross Health Thailand and Pacific Cross Philippines and International Services Pacific Cross Indonesia.

Customers have raised concerns about the significant increases in yearly premiums, which reportedly occur every five years and become steep with advancing age. Additionally, there are reports of premiums increasing up to 50% after making a claim, and these increased rates do not decrease over time. For instance, one customer noted a 25% increase in premiums following a meniscus surgery claim, which then became a pre-existing condition excluded in future renewals​​.

Regarding the claims process, there are mixed experiences. While Pacific Cross has direct payment arrangements with most Thai private hospitals, easing the process of hospitalization approvals, customers have faced challenges in getting timely authorizations for urgent medical procedures, like an eye operation​​​​. The company is upfront about any exclusions post-application review, but it’s crucial to carefully consider what is declared in the medical questionnaire as it can lead to significant exclusions in coverage.

Working with a broker is strongly advised for navigating the complexities of Pacific Cross’s health policies. Brokers can provide clearer feedback and assistance with claims or pre-approvals, which might be more difficult to handle independently​​.

However, some customers have had extremely negative experiences with Pacific Cross. One customer described dealing with the company as the most negative experience they’ve ever had with an insurance company, highlighting issues such as not honoring contract terms, poor responsiveness to inquiries, and inefficiencies in handling basic business tasks and claims​​.

In summary, while Pacific Cross offers health insurance with features like direct payment to hospitals and clear documentation of terms and conditions, potential customers should be aware of the significant issues related to premium increases, especially after claims, and challenges in claim processing and customer service. Consulting with a broker and carefully reviewing policy details and exclusions is highly recommended.

Get Insurance Quotes from Pacific Cross